Our story

 Horticulture has fascinated Charles Smith, Simply Green's founder, as long as he can remember. Simply Green was started in 2007 by John Willis and Charles Smith to bring a higher level of service to the local lawn fertilizer industry.

With a dedication to the customer, not a number on a sheet of paper at the end of the month. We built a foundation out of our company. We believe that as a service company, you only have to worry about that number when the quality of your service doesn't match the price you're charging.

It cost us more in fuel and time to run our program as we do, but we balance that by having no salesmen, and we don't advertise in the yellow pages. It doesn't pay in the end. The results our program produce, and the fact that our customers are our sales people because their neighbors are the customer we want. We believe that's the way to run a service company and keep it affordable and profitable.

Dedication to the customer

Dedication to training

Dedication to resu